Our company was founded in 2018 in Brooklyn, NYC by Alexander and quickly became a renown expert in the area of selling eco-friendly weighted blankets for promoting better, healthier sleep.

In order to find your perfect fit, we recommend that you order a blanket that's 10 to 12% of your own body weight. In terms of the actual size, bear in mind that, unlike ordinary comforters, the weighted blankets are not meant to hang off the sides of the bed. So for example, if you have a queen-size (60”x80”), the 60”x80” blanket will be a perfect fit.

Our weighted blankets have a 7-layer construction with 100% cotton cover and are made of breathable materials. They are designed to help you stay at just the right temperature at night - not too hot or too cool - and can be used in all seasons. They're ideal for hot sleepers as well as those who like a more snuggly and warm comforter. When the weather is cold we recommend you use both the blanket and the duvet cover. During warm nights or if you are a hot sleeper, remove the duvet cover and only use the weighted blanket.

Blankets are designed by definition to keep you warm. However, the Relax Eden weighted blanket is made of breathable materials that keep you cool during hot weather and warm during cold weather, it's after all a blanket. Therefore it won't trap the heat and will help you regulate your body temperature so you can have a serene, peaceful and cool sleep even on the hottest nights.

Your Relax Eden weighted blanket consists of two parts - the actual blanket and the removable, washable duvet cover. Follow these laundry instructions in order to keep them clean.

  • For the removable duvet cover - you can wash it on the cold and gentle washing machine cycle and hang dry (do not tumble dry);
  • For the weighted blanket - dry clean only and lay flat to dry if wet.

The weighted blanket has two parts - a removable duvet cover made of super soft fabric (dot mink on one side and straight mink on the other) and an inner weighted blanket made of 100% premium cotton and filled with glass beads. The blanket consists of a 7-layer cotton and polyester construction that makes it cozy, comfortable and promotes restful sleep. The blanket is hypoallergenic and is filled with non-toxic, high-end glass beads which ensure that the weight is evenly distributed across your body.

The removable duvet cover has a zip opening and 8 ties to secure it to the blanket which has matching loops. All you need to do is tie the strings to the loops to secure the blanket to the cover and then close the zipper. When you need to remove the cover for washing or if you're too hot, unzip it and untie the strings.

We are confident that our product will give you the best sleep that you've ever had and we want you to enjoy it. This includes a 1-year free warranty. And in case you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it free of charge within the first year. We will simply refund your money without any questions asked.

Our blankets are filled with millions of hypoallergenic, non-toxic high-end glass microbeads. The beads are also surrounded by 2 layers of polyester and distributed in small well-stitched pockets so even distribution of the weight is achieved. The multiple layers, high quality of design and masterful craftsmanship ensure that the blanket will remain in excellent condition and retain its quality for many years without wear and tear.

This is very unlikely to happen because we take great care and provide exquisite and thoughtful workmanship in order to guarantee your satisfaction . The blanket consists of neatly stitched square pockets which prevent the bead from moving around. Thus the distribution of weight stays consistent for your best comfort and restful sleep.

You can check our detailed and comprehensive Returns Policy with regards to damages, returns and exchanges. In order to qualify for one of these, you'll need to contact us no more than 30 days after receiving your order to arrange for a suitable return or refund.

The main criteria for you to qualify for a return is to send us your item in like-new condition, clean, not damaged, and in its original packaging.

Once we receive and inspect your returned item, we'll notify you that we have it with us and whether you qualify for a refund. If you do, then we'll process the refund and pay it back to your original payment method.

This will entirely depend on your bank or credit card company, so please check with them again as each organization has different processing times. If after doing that you still haven't received your refund, please contact us.

We offer FREE shipping within the contiguous US. Time will depend on your location. Most items arrive within 4-8 business days of ordering.